The origins of Company Sobtrade Sp. of o.o. dates back to 1990 r and are based on single economic entity.

For the first few years of business start-up focused on the production and export of metal products on the basis of the technical documentation obtained from the recipients. The main and most a major concern became the recipient of Trelleborg AB, Sweden.

Our partner offered us a representation of rubber expansion joints, which began to promote the Polish market. At the moment we are one of the leading suppliers. In the initial phase, all compensators were imported, then in 1996 the production and assembly of metal held in Poland – now in its own factory.

The acquisition represented in the sale of anti-vibration Novibra Trelleborg AB.

The acquisition by Trelleborg AB production of special anti-vibration Metalastik designed for the rail, maritime and for special vehicles.

Extension offers a further goods: anti-vibration mountings, rubber hoses, expansion joints, metal, textile, teflon.

Launching its own production of metal products – according to the client’s documentation – rings and fittings. Since 2005, the products in accordance with their own documentation.

Start of implementation of ISO 9001:2001

Obtaining ISO 9001:2001 certificate.
“This certification has been co-financed under the Phare 2002 SME Sector Development Program and the Innovation Support Fund for Consultancy carried out by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development” by the European Union and the state budget.

Completion of the implementation of the ERP system.